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A new Mobility concept

for urban Mobility!


An eletric bicycle inpired in a clear design language, a concept of
urban bicycle designed for the city to improve urban mobility.

More than a bike, a living center of moving technology...

Created for
UOU BIKE puts an innovation on the road by providing an
electric bike that combines smart features
and state-of-the-art technology with a minimal design with a
new inovation transmission system without maintenance.
Smart for
Urban Mobility
More than a simple bicycle UOU BIKE it's a moving
sensor system device that allows monitoring the user's
health and quality of air and carbon, with GPS tracker and
an APP mobile with integrated smart features.
Design that
moves ..
Designed for the city: compact, manoeuvrable, robust, agile, attractive and safe..
Innovation in
each detail.
For greater efficiency and lower maintenance,
UOU BIKE sets aside the traditional bike chain
system and introduces a innovative electric
shaft drive system.

Main Features


An innovative product inspired in the clear language of design, a concept of urban bike designed for the city, compact, easy to handle, robust and simultaneously light with aluminium frame.

Magnesium Wheels

Made of high-quality materials, the wheels are not only designed to catches the eye with its bold styling look. Magnesium wheels are light, much lighter than steel or aluminium wheels, which is reflected in improved performance.

Electric Drive

It is the electric drive that makes UOU BIKE a genuine pedelec, assisting your effort as you pedal. On every pedaling, you will feel how easy it can be to ride even the toughest routes effortlessly. This is possible by the brushless rear-wheel hub motor.

New Shaft Drive System

For improved efficiency, security and reduction of maintenance, UOU BIKE does not use the traditional chain system, developed a innovative electric Shaft Drive system without maintenace. A cleaner, more efficient, more attractive and less noisy solution.

Lithium battery

The lithium battery, embedded in the bike frame, provides high performance and durability for a pedalling autonomy up to 60Km. Smart load management system and a mobile app that monitors user performance.

Today's answer to tomorrow's challenges...

Virtual Technology

A Moving Technology Hub

UOU BIKE have an integrated solution for bike-sharing, a new mobility concept, simple and practical solution using new technologies and a Mobile App. Also UOU provide a Smart real battery charge levels information, and management system, monitoring user health, GPS and GPRS tracker, C02 monitoring, through a Mobile App.

Sharing System

UOU BIKE have an integrated sharing solution
for bike-sharing with virtual locker system.

Simple Unlock System and accessible to the user through a mobile App.
Flexible, Completely eliminates the need for physical infrastructures.
There is greater ease of movement and fleet change.
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